Jamar J BLACK Blackmon

Jamar believes he was born to inspire, to empower, to develop people to become the best version of themselves. He’s the C.E.O/Founder of GOALGETTA LLC and GOALGETTA ACADEMY. Through GOALGETTA LLC he operates his speaking business, motivational speaking albums and GOALGETTA APPAREL. GOALGETTA ACADEMY is his nonprofit organization in which he instills the GOALGETTA mentality into our youth.

A GOALGETTA GRINDS TO GREATNESS every day, aims to be the best version of themselves every day and understands that adversity is a part of the journey towards SUCCESS so we embrace it! We never give up! SUCCESS IS THE ONLY OPTION!

He’s been a radio personality for WMVU RADIO FREE AKRON 96.9FM, his show was GOALGETTA RADIO SHOW WITH J BLACK and currently inspires the masses on GOALGETTA PODCAST WITH J BLACK. Certain things happen in your life that changes you forever!! At eight years old Jamar and his friends viewed success as nice clothes, cars, money and Jordan’s. Unfortunately the only people they seen who had these things were drug dealers. One day his neighbors brother was killed in front of his wife and kids. From that day he knew he wanted to take a different positive route to attain success. He was accepted into a performing arts school which he stayed in throughout high school. He also studied martial arts and was an athlete. A four year letterman, point guard and captain of the basketball team. That led to a scholarship but he missed his visit and credits that as being the best thing that happened to him.

While most were going off to college, Jamar figured he’d find a job to support his self until he could get enrolled the next semester but the next semester never came. The job which he likes to call entrepreneur university changed his whole mindset. He left Akron, moved to Pittsburgh and was there for 6 months. He was trained in sales/marketing, leadership development, and motivational speaking. He accepted an opportunity to move to Detroit, Michigan to help a struggling marketing office and looking back now, he said that was the true birth of GOALGETTA. Within 3 months he built a team of 15 people and took the office from 10,000 to 40,000 a week in sales. This led to him skipping assistant manager and being promoted to ownership. At 19 he was a business owner in Brooklyn, NY representing fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers, and Samsonite to name a few through his direct marketing company Star Quality Promotions Inc.

He’s had great success as an entrepreneur and in corporate america. He uses his life experiences, the highs and lows to deliver heartfelt, high energy speeches to students, teachers, leaders etc. He believes the ultimate high is walking in your purpose. He’s running in his purpose and has no plans of slowing down. If you’re in need of a dynamic, electrifying, empowering motivational speaker you’re in the right place! Let’s change the world together! SUCCESS IS THE ONLY OPTION!!

family of motivational speaker J Black


Growing up without a father put a bad tast in Jamar’s mouth… so he believes his deepest calling is to change the narrative!


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